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Sunday, 22 April 2012

VICKY DONAR-movie review-a must watch movie

 "vicky donar"-this is the movie which is very popular now days,specially in the youth because of it's all time new story topic.The movie is produced by john abraham's home production-John Abraham Entertainment Pvt. Ltd(or J.A. Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.).This film is all about a person who is a sperm donar and making money out of this.Then the hero fall into love with a girl and the story goes further in a very interesting and funny manner.The main thing by which the audience attracted to the cinema halls is the topic of the movie-sperm doner.

The topic of the movie is very attractive-"sperm donar" which is getting fantastic responses from the audience and the movie critics.It seems that john abbraham is almost successful in his aim to attract young people towards cinema halls.
One of the other thing by which young people is get attracted is the main leading roll's actor-ayushman khurana.Ayushman khurana is the winner of the MTV roadies(season 2) which is a very popular youth television show.In the movie there is a doctor's roll also which inspire him to become a sperm donar and this roll is played by one of the most experienced actor annu kapoor.The roll of annu kapoor is also mind blowing in the movie.
Not only the movie but also all the songs are also a bit hit and can be heard anywhere.From all the album the most popular song is the"rum whisky" in which john also gives performance.
After the initial success jonh abraham announces that in his upcoming production film will also contain ayushman as leading character,lets see if that will be hit or not?

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