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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

what is bollywood?

WHAT IS BOLYYWOOD-the name of the indian hindi film industry is "bollywood",if the other indian film industries like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada film industries added with the hindi film industry then it is the largest film industry in the world in term of the total film produced and total tickets sold.
The word bollywood is a combination of bombay(earlier name of mumbai) and american film industry hollywood,so the bollywood is the hollywood of mumbai(india).
usually the films of bollywood are based on love stories and full of songs,music,action scenes and many more.The indian audience like these songs,action and thriller very much.

MAIN ELEMENTS OF BOLLYWOOD FILMS-The main elements or features of typical indian bollywood films are songs,music,romance and thriller,a bollywood film which have all the main elements is often called a "masala bollywood film" by indian people and media.

BOLLYWOOD SONGS-A bollywood film without songs is not appreciated by the indian film lovers and other critics.Usually a indian movie has four to eight songs,according to the demand of story.The music industry associated with the bollywood is a huge music industry and the success of a bollywood film is based on the popularity of the songs of that particular film.

DANCING IN BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-The dance factor of a typpical indian film is also one of the essential part of a that,many times a dance style goes viral in india and worldwide and film make a good box office collection on the basis of that dance.

there are also some problems for bollywood,one of them is the piracy of DVDs ang ongs of the films which are very harmful for indian film industries

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