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Saturday, 25 February 2012

tere naal love ho gaya review

Story: The movie "tere naal love ho gaya" is the story of mini (Genelia D'Souza) with every boy of city wants to marry. The only reason the mini is beautiful, but she still Canadian passport and his wealthy father (Tinu Anand) is the heir to the estate of bhatti wants her marriage very early, and they are increasingly looking guy. Mini just do not want to get married any way he wants to get away from it.

Then mini meets Viren (Ritesh Deshmukh) who does the same job in the company of mini-Daddy and his character is not good. To avoid marriage,mini plans a fake kidnap of her and vanish.
Story Treatment: romance in desi style presenting by Ritesh - Genelia has been largely successful. The film through his amazing comic timing has emerged. When the scene of the movie make you laugh. But inexplicably drawn to the story, the film is boring and makes me Cla Max reach - reach the film has died.Star Cast: The film rests on the shoulders of Genelia seems to make all the difference. He still has the best performance in the film. Ritesh also has great acting and the role played by natural methods. Om Puri, Tinu Anand and Smita Jayakar has done justice to their roles. Veena Malik as item girl has come to look very uncomfortable.Direction: cute couple director Ritesh - Genelia's real life on-screen chemistry has tried to capitalize on the issue | Story Speed ​​grips as to feel the love for each other it takes | anywhere but over much of Melodrame Because of the film seems to be boring |
Is weak. Sachin - the liver seems to have failed to mark their music. Prove to be helpful in making some interesting dialogues story | editing and Sinemtografi side is weak.See why: Ritesh - Genelia film is typical of the great chemistry and dialogues. If it is not worth anything on the weekends to have a look.

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